Black Holes

The pews aren’t empty

But they might as well be.

Our lips close and open;

Poison sputters from them.[1]


The end of ourselves:

The ignorance at the well[2]

Is grounded in our sin,

Our five husbands a clanging din[3]

In the ears of a Saviour

Who wants us to savour

His mercy and sacrifice,

The one they call the Christ.


We didn’t take time

To look up to the Light,

So we’re caught in adultery,

Wallowing in dysentery.


It’s too high a price,

Too dark a night

To accept, to ignore:

There must be more

Than heartless knowledge.


To acknowledge

Meant no burnt offerings[4]

But broken and suffering

Contrition, unconditioned[5]

By the world’s deadly mission

As it perverts, it fissions

Our souls in a direction

Of swirling convection

Anywhere but the Crimson Lamb,

The Son of Man,

Coming on the clouds with fire,

His enemies unprepared for just ire.





Go deeper

Down the rabbit hole

That you might be whole,

Out of the Matrix

He is no dominatrix

But a gentle-man

With a selfless plan.


“Put away, put away,

all the gods your father served today

Put away, put away,

Your traditions believe me when I say

We don’t know, we don’t know

How to put back the power in our soul

We don’t know, we don’t know

Where to find what once was in our bones”[7]


Rise from the dead!

Be well-read,



But with life,

With heart,

Don’t strive,


From the wickedness of black holes[8]

That define your selfish role

Embrace, face-to-face,[9]

The One who will run the race[10]

With you, and let him shine over and in,

The light of the supernova within.


[1] Deuteronomy 29:18

[2] John 4:1-42

[3] 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

[4] Hosea 6:6

[5] Psalm 51:17

[6] Ephesians 5:14

[7] twenty one pilots, Hometown –


[9] 1 Corinthians 13:12

[10] 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

A Vision for the Church in the UK

I was at Word Alive, a Christian conference in Wales, from the 8th to 13th April this year (2017). Whilst there, the Holy Spirit showed me a series of visions during the evening meetings, which escalated in scale and intensity. I have compiled them here in a way that I hope makes sense. I believe they are immensely important, and worth sharing with as many as possible. Brothers and sisters, they are as much for you as they are for me.


8th April – for those who have some connection with Ireland


[*N.B. Apparently, most of the prophecies of the last 10/20 years have been about an East Wind moving towards Jerusalem from China. I am now aware of them, but I know that the wind I saw was clearly coming from the West, so I would encourage you to weigh the prophecy in light of that – holding fast to what is good.]


I felt God tell me that He was surrounding me with His protection, and that I had to be ready to follow Him on the path He had prepared. He told me that revival was coming; that “I AM coming.”


I saw the cliffs of Ireland,[1] and felt God say that His Spirit was going to rush through the land, onward to us, to the UK. This West Wind is meant to fight off all evil as it moves onwards, sweeping across the nations.


Again, He exhorted me to be ready.

Have faith that these things will come to pass, and it will be credited to you as righteousness.” “Fix your eyes on the pioneer and perfecter of your faith.


He showed me that Ireland would light up, place by place, person by person – that the Light of the world was coming.


[John 1:4-5 – “In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”]


I then heard Him say, “I AM unsealing the unsealable scroll, for I alone am worthy.


I saw Him open the fourth seal (Rev. 6:7-8).


[“When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.”]


[Rev. 4:6-7 – “in the centre around the throne were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back… the fourth was like a flying eagle.”]


Once more, He said, “I am coming soon.” He is coming to bring revival and light in the midst of death and darkness. He plans to fight back the tide of death and darkness with His breath and light.


9th April – for all in the UK


We started worship and, as we did, I saw heavenly confetti everywhere: it was made up of all different colours. We praised the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


I heard God say, “Footstool.” I also saw loads of angels with trumpets flying above us.

[Matthew 5:34-5: “… for it is God’s throne, or by the earth, for it is His footstool.”]

The Holy Spirit then pointed me towards Psalm 91:13: “You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.” God intends to use us to trample on the great lion and the serpent – to take up the authority Christ won back for His creation at the Cross.


It seemed unrelated at the time, but I then saw Aragorn’s emblem from The Lord of the Rings:

Photo on 12-4-17 at 11.27 am

[I am now convicted that it points towards Christ’s soon return (Revelation 22:7). I am convicted that the Father is planning a considerable move of the Holy Spirit – of revival.]


11th April – for all in the UK


During worship on the Tuesday evening, I saw the heavens open up, and a great light radiated down on us (those worshipping in the main tent). The skies rained Jesus’ purifying blood, and I knew that I was cleansed from all unrighteousness. I was filled with joy as we praised God.


In the next moment, I was in the Spirit (Revelation 4:2), and saw the Cross. I knelt before it and was overcome with awe at Jesus’ sacrifice; I was humbled. I praised Him in the weight of His glory. He was so beautiful and radiant that I was hesitant to look upon Him in full, but eventually I did. At that point, I saw the Lamb who was slain ahead of me, slightly to my right. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced before; I was overcome by the Lamb’s majesty, and overwhelmed when He deigned to look at me directly.


The skies filled with angels and the heavenly host; they just kept coming, as if out of nowhere, surrounding the King – the Lamb who was slain.


He told me, again, “I am coming. I am coming SOON. Be ready.” At His words I was filled with the Holy Spirit – each syllable pierced me to the core. I could physically feel myself being refined.


For a long time after that, we all praised the Lamb[2] and looked upon His indescribable glory. At some point, I knew in my spirit that I had to draw closer to the Lord, and so I did. Suddenly, He was there, right in front me, and ministered to me personally for some time as He commissioned me to go out and spread the news of His soon return, using the tools He had given me.


I then asked or, rather, begged, that I would always see Him – the Lamb who was slain; that I would never lose sight of His awesome glory and that I would would fix my eyes on Him, the pioneer and perfecter of my faith.


He looked into my eyes as I looked into His and gazed, transfixed, at the wonder therein. The sun and moon and stars – all of creation – was in Him, and without Him nothing was made that has been made. I don’t even know how to begin to describe it.


Sometime after that, I saw a triangular pyramid hovering in front of me; it was completely clear, like crystal (I’m fairly sure it represented the “sea of glass” in front of the throne in Revelation 4:6 and/or the “water of life… clear as crystal” in Revelation 22:1).


I wasn’t sure what God wanted me to do about it, so I asked the Lamb, who told me to take hold of it. It fit snugly in my hand. He then told me to take it and plant it in the earth; I looked around and there, before me, was a perfectly-shaped hole in the ground, so I placed it in and pushed down.


A great earthquake started, with its epicentre at the point where I had placed the crystal pyramid. The sun turned black, the moon blood red and the stars in the sky fell to earth. It was a sight to behold (Revelation 6:12-13) and yet my gaze remained fixed on the Lamb. I have never seen anything of greater beauty, and I never will – at least until I meet Him face to face.


All of a sudden, everything stopped, stock still. Nobody moved as we all (the saints and the angels) looked upon the Lamb who was slain in utter, awestruck silence.


At first, I felt a great deal of tension and anticipation, but it faded the longer I looked at Him, until I was filled with His peace. I kept my eyes on Him and rested in His presence, patient and ready to do His will. The silence lasted for half an hour.


At the end of the half hour, all of heaven and earth broke into unparalleled songs of praise: we cried, with immense fervour as we praised Him, “COME! Come quickly! Would you come? How long until you come?”


Eventually, the evening meeting ended, and I had to leave. The vision in the tent lasted the longest hour and a half I have ever lived; it felt like an age had passed. As I write, I can still see the Lamb. His radiance and glory will never fade. I was so overcome by what I had seen that I genuinely considered the idea that the Lord might come back there and then. There is none like Him, and there never will be.


Why is this important?


God’s Spirit is moving. The world is changing: it is being shaken up (Hebrews 12:26). Whatever your opinion on the events of the past year, it is plain to see that things are fairly chaotic, and not just in the West. I need not address them individually here. Needless to say, His will is always to bring order out of chaos, peace out of violence and love out of hatred. The events we have been witnessing present the Church (in all of its iterations) with an opportune moment to love as Christ loved us, and give our all to see His Kingdom come. In order for this to happen, it is imperative that we partner with God: this involves us seeing what He is doing, praying into and longing for His plans to come to fruition, and being ready to do, speak and love when God calls us to.


I am convicted that the visions God showed me illuminate what He is doing, and what His plans are for our generation. I do not think it insignificant that everything He showed me can be found in the book of Revelation (especially in Chapters four to eight). Our God plans on an immense scale: He wants to bless the whole world through His Church – “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” He wants to save the world, and has died on a Cross to attest to that fact – to His love.


As the Lamb ministered to me, he gave me a personal mission, part of which is to share what I have seen with as many as will listen and read. Our Father in heaven, through His Son, Jesus Christ, has a question for you: “What is your mission? How will you partner with me to see my Kingdom come and my will done? I am coming soon.” I would not take His words lightly.


[N.B. 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 – “Do not quench the spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt but test them all; hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil.”]

[ALSO (after talking with some good friends who have read through this): I am not specifically predicting the Second Coming of Christ. That would be madness (Matthew 24:36). If this is what you took in as you read this, please re-read the post.]

[Feel free to share this if the Holy Spirit convicts you so.]


[1] Possibly the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, though I’m not sure that detail is important.

[2] With the words from Revelation 4 & 5: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come”; “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”; “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honour and glory and praise!”; and “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, for ever and ever!”


Look at the water

Look how it flows

Look at the patterns of light

As it goes

Into the sea

Joined and complete:

Light dancing across

The surface of the deeps.


The sand works against it

Twisting and turning

Separated from

The sky where the burning


Sun reaches down

With its fingers of light

Illuminating even

The darkest of nights.


The wind’s blowing too;

As it tugs at the hem

Of my jacket I know

That I’m not one of them:


My God is moving

He’s parting the seas

Not distant and frozen

Like a packet of peas


He’s here with me breathing

And giving me breath

He fights alongside me

With love against death.


The next time you blame

The one in the sky,

Say “He’s in control.”

Know you’re telling a lie.


He doesn’t sit back

To watch it all happen,

Eat popcorn and laugh

With nonchalant abandon:


He’s here with us living

And pouring out life

He’s opposes all evil

In a world where it’s rife.


“How does He do that?”

You ask, with intrigue.

He dies on a Cross,

That you might believe.

Songs on the Breeze Pt. II

“When do you think it will all become clear?

‘Cause I’m being taken over by the Fear”[1]


Term has raced by in a rush of compunction

As the deadlines have passed,

My brain has ceased to function




“Every little thing, is going to be alright!

Singing don’t worry! About a thing!”[2]


Even the birds are fed by the heavens[3]

So if my studies are leavened

By the One who is light[4]

In my mind should His wisdom ring,

Should the world be made right;


I should rise on the wings of the dawn[5]

Over the tired mutterings, yawns

Of boredom (trust in land)

As I walk hand in hand

Towards joyful exams

Overflowing with élan!


(Hopefully this is prophetic)


“Let’s get down to business – to defeat the Huns!”[6]


Perhaps not them but I do need the Son

To vanquish the night-time of my mind

As I struggle to find

The right words for this essay,

Revising that as You assay

The gold of my self-control;

Don’t let go –

Keep me on the narrow;[7]

Don’t let the arrow

Of distraction pierce

The armour You’ve provided;[8]

Through the enemies’ fierce

Shouts[9] Your peace derides

Their attempts to sway me

To the dark side, with cookies.

I’ll stay in the light, use my bookies[10]

For good, for the glory

Of Your name.


Forever and ever, amen.




[3] Matthew 6:26-27

[4] John 8:12

[5] Psalm 139:9


[7] Matthew 7:13-14

[8] Ephesians 6:10-20

[9] Psalm 22:6-8, 12-13

[10] Winchester slang for ‘free hours instead of lessons’

Know You Better


I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are

Yes I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are


I used to be the prima donna I was rappin’ about

A posh entitled brat, and yeah I was a grouch

At that point I didn’t know the LORD in my life

He was something I knew of, I couldn’t love or even like


You could see it in me, from the way I walked

You could hear it in my voice every time I’d talk

He hadn’t worked, He hadn’t moved, He hadn’t done His thing

I didn’t want Him to, as I ignored the ring


Of the words He’d send down; I didn’t think they were for me

I didn’t look born again – livin’ out John 3:3

I’d go to church every week; I’d rock up on a Sunday

And hear the words of the preacher, no matter how mundane


But I wouldn’t really listen, wouldn’t really join in

And though I’d go up, and take, communion

There were things I couldn’t give, things I knew were sins…


I knew pornography would wreck my thoughts

I knew my control issues kept gettin’ me caught

I could see the disconnect between my words and my actions

And yet I couldn’t give them up, give God the satisfaction


If He wouldn’t prove himself, then neither would I

For all I cared His ‘Truth’ was ‘pie in the sky’

He died two thousand years ago; I’m not dying today

I found pleasure in my sins – they’d make the itch go away


Until it came back bigger; ‘til I was numb to the pain

‘til the damage to my soul became damage to my brain

Nights I couldn’t remember; hours of lyin’ in sick

Regret after regret, doin’ things I’d never pick

Or choose when I’m sober, head clear, thoughts in order;

Every time I’d feel older, full of fear, mind discordant,


I was alone.


I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are

Don’t know who I am, what’s the matter,

Don’t know where I’m getting these scars


Won’t you take my hand, make me better

Won’t you fix my paranoid heart,

‘Cause I just want to know You better,

I just want to know who You are.


I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are

‘Cause I just want to know You better,

I just want to know who You are.


There was a prayer, that I prayed one night,

As I was out in Hong Kong, out seein’ the sights,

I had realised the direction I was takin’

Was all a lie, one with which I’d been taken


I cried, “LORD, please forgive me, I’m a sinner, a wretch

I want to give up my life so I need You to catch

Me as I’m fallin’ to the ground, it’s comin’ at me so fast;

I’m certain I’ll die if I keep on this path.

Please answer me, I need to know You’re real,

Please let me experience what I’m meant to feel.

I promise I’ll live my life for you,

In every area, each little thing I do.

I’m bein’ honest with my words,

There’s nothing more I can say,

I need you, so by the end of today

Please let me see the light, show me the true way.”


But nothin’ happened. That day at least.


I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are

Yes I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are


Course He answered, in the gentlest way possible

The next day at congregation somebody had a prophecy

They said, “There’s someone here, who cried out last night

There’s someone here who wants to enter the light.

Jesus wants you to know that your prayer has been heard

You’ve been forgiven, released, you’re now free as a bird

You can live life to the full, in a relationship with Him

You can pick up your mat and leave your time of sin

To grow up, as he planned you to be

Out into the nations – Mark 16:15

Share the story of your healing, tell others the Truth

As you stand there in front of them – the living proof.”


At the sound of His words I knew I was different

For the very first time, I knew He was listenin’

The thought that God Himself would stoop down to my level

Was more than I could bear, more than I could ever

Hope to repay, hope to understand

There and then I knew I was a new man

Finally His words did ring in my ears

Finally my life was free of all fear

Free of all fear.

Free of all fear.


I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are

Yes I just want to know You better

I just want to know who You are


N.B. This is a stylised version of my (conversion/meeting Jesus properly) testimony. A fuller account can be found here: Testimony



Siblings miss each other[2]

like airplanes in the night,

passing by on divergent flights;[3]

I look out of the window: “O Brother,

where art thou?”

Might we meet again, Father?

I long for the shared

tarmac of the ’port[4]

on an apostle’s journey fraught

with solitude; the magnitude

of our distance

looms large, constant.

Life is harder without

his questions and suggestions[5]

of this I have no doubt.

Though I didn’t see my reflection,[6]

I saw love, as a self.

Its beauty pierced me.

Give me liberty, not wealth!

Or give me death.

nothing can free

like the life laid down.

We share the crown[7]

and suffer the distance

knowing You –

are our deliverance.[8]

Even on different narrow roads.

I know we will dwell

in the city of the twelve

gemstones,[9] and…

I long for that day.


[1] I left, he stayed.

[2] 1 Samuel 20:41-42

[3] Someone had a picture of this: of paper airplanes flying through the air, occasionally crossing paths, each on their own journey. What times the crossings were.

[4] Or, as some might say, “Fragrant Harbour”.

[5] They’re not internal, after all.

[6] There’s only one me.

[7] Romans 8:17

[8] Hebrews 12:1-2. “Jonathan” knows we’re his cloud of witnesses.

[9] Revelation 21:19

Canaan/The Oasis



There was a prophetic provision

Even with all the visions and revisions;[2]

Though not quite a hundred,[3]

It did look like we were plundered,

Left in the ditch without a neighbour,[4]

We had fallen far out of favour.


So I bit into the fruit of the bad tree[5]

(No, it wasn’t an apple);

made it all about me,

my strength, my brutality;

when I needed eternity

I found only calamity

And weary extremities

From sifting endless pages,[6]

I turned days to ages,

Reaped the devil’s wages[7]


Until You spoke, as You always do.

Or, rather, You reminded me who

Is the One Saviour, One Voice

I ought to base my choice

On. So I listened

And on the deadline

The brochure glistened;


The headline?

You deliver abundantly.


To God be the glory.


[1] It’s been FOUR MONTHS!

[2] Prufrock

[3] 89, actually.

[4] Luke 10:30

[5] Genesis 2:17 – any time we choose to trust in our own strength, our own intelligence.

[6] So many listings. Never again.

[7] Romans 6:23





Told you we’d be back.




Every day every minute every second

I’mma ask what you want in my life[1]

Every day every minute every second

I’mma do what you say is right[2]


[Verse 1]

So the last time I told ya

We’d all be holding hands[3]

But now I wanna talk about cha

Ya individual plan


The Master’s got it written,

Sealed in the book of life[4]

He knows every possibility

All the answers all the time


But if that’s true, you ask,

What’s it say about me?

If that’s true, you ask,

What about my eternity?


Well I want ya, to look,

Straight in ya heart

And I want ya to ask him

With all that ya are


[Chorus 2 / Bridge]

Who am I, that you would call me by name?[5]

Who am I, that you would choose to save?[6]

Who am I, that I could come before your throne?[7]

Who am I, that I could call your presence home?[8]



Every day every minute every second

I’mma ask what you want in my life

Every day every minute every second,

I’mma do what you say is right



[Verse 2]

If you ask, I promise, He’ll answer[9]

He’s the God who hears and who speaks[10]

And I promise, you’ll love His answer

When he tells you what he seeks


“What do you seek? What do you seek?! I wanna know! Let me know!”


He seeks obedience for His name is Jealous[11]

He wants you all to Himself, yeah, He’s zealous

About your joy, your peace and your patience[12]

Don’t get confused man he ain’t gonna waste ya[13]


The opposite is true

For every little thing that He do

John 10:10 tells me He wants you

To live yo life up to the full

And even beyond that

Now you ain’t ever gon’ crack[14]

He wants to overflow in you[15]

He wants to bless all the fools

That call you silly little names

That try and build up they own fame

They playin’ in the wrong game

‘Coz He’s the only true way[16]



Every day every minute every second

I’mma ask what you want in my life

Every day every minute every second,

I’mma do what you say is right


[Verse 3]

He makes the rules[17]

So you don’t have to be confused

You gots ta look in that book

To make sure you ain’t a crook[18]

And when that bell ring –

That final rhyme come time[19]

And they in hell singing:

‘Give me some more time!”[20]


You’ll see the fruit of His wrath

I don’t mean grapes I mean sloth[21]

For not choosing His life

For not taking up a Cross[22]


They scream ‘Nooooooo!’

As you be lookin’ down

Next to those who said yes

Like Abraham,[23]

You will enter eternal rest

With the One who knows you better

Than you know yo’ self[24]


Now it seems wise to follow the letter

Of the law of love[25]

You can sing it with me

And with your sibs above

And when you sing it with me

In the Kingdom of God

It’ll be our eternal meditation

Not our fatal flaw[26]

For His perfection knows no bounds

And His Ways are right[27]

So sing it with me in this place

Every day every night



Every day every minute every second

I’mma ask what you want in my life

Every day every minute every second,

I’mma do what you say is right


[Repeat and underlay Chorus 2/Bridge]






Every day – He’s the LORD of my life.


Who’s yours?


[1] Ephesians 6:18; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

[2] Galatians 5:16-26

[3] Boast

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So I’ve written some songs/raps. Here’s the first:


Galatians 6:14

May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.



It’s been said and sung and shouted out a lot

That my God is many things to the people of this earth

I want to take a minute just to lay some truth down

As to who he is and how he’s stickin’ round


He’s so lovin’, so gracious that he gave his life for us

As he hung there pierced with nails on that everlasting cross

His blood shed once for all – an invitation to the table

E v’ry people, ev’ry nation would after this be able


To hear him like you hear me now – no need for any altars

You’ll get a call, just pick it up, and listen to his words

Of how he loves ya, he chose ya and he’s mighty to save

And he’ll equip you with his armour so you too can be brave


No need for those defences, lay your guns on the ground

Though you were once lost, now in him can you be found

He’s the reason I spit, and the reason I praise

As I deliver these lines he’s buildin’ up my faith



I don’t need to boast

In anything else

My God is enough

In him I am saved

I don’t need to brag

As he chose the cross

Forever for us

So we’ll escape the grave




You stand there hurlin’ reasons why you know he can’t be real

But why not take some time to criticise how you feel

He formed you in the womb before the world had begun

And he wants you to know that you’re his daughter or son


Yet you hate him in your heart like he’s the devil incarnate

You blow him off for ya dope like some prima donna starlet

The drugs, the sex, the music all that you hold dear

As you’re stuffing your face with hot dogs and cold beer


Whatcha doin’ with ya life, why ya wastin’ it all?

You’re always down in dirt when you could be standin’ tall

With Christ behind you and before you, he’s made the way ready

He’s now the cornerstone, there to make ya steady


So grab his nail-pierced hands and let him pull you up

To put a crown on your head and to fill up your cup

With milk and honey galore, he’ll give you the best

He’ll etch his name on your heart like a family crest


I don’t need to boast

In anything else

My God is enough

In him I am saved

I don’t need to brag

As he chose the cross

Forever for us

So we’ll escape the grave



Ever since I met him I been feelin’ the change

Of his hand on my shoulder as he leads the way

Though sometimes I may stumble – fall face down in mud

He’s right there with me hurtin’ – sheddin’ his own blood


So when I mess up now I no longer feel judged

Cause his mercies reign forever and his place won’t be budged

The right hand of the father – through him all things were made

And I can share that inheritance when I look at Romans eight


While the devil owned it all – had the world in his grasp

We can wrest it back as we pray and we fast

Isaiah fifty-eight tells us what to do now:

Shout aloud, don’t hold back, play that trumpet then bow


When that curtain comes down, we’ll go with him to glory

He’ll dwell again with us here at the end of the story

So I’m asking you now to give it up for the King

A holy nation in Christ let’s join our hands and sing


I don’t need to boast

In anything else

My God is enough

In him I am saved

I don’t need to brag

As he chose the cross

Forever for us

So we’ll escape the grave